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  • Used ballast PVE 1600 kg

Used ballast PVE 1600 kg

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Used ballast PVE 1600 kg - year of manufacture 2016.

The Ballast used as additional weight of the vibro hammer in order to achieve greater depths.

Weight - 2 x 800 kg

We offer wide range of machines – for further information, please contact us.




PL-00-001 Michałowice


KDM Dariusz Mazur

KDM Dariusz Mazur

Kolejowa 16
05-816 Michalowice

The company KDM Dariusz Mazur is the well known provider of the wide range of piling equipment for builing industry in Poland since 1999.
We are the exclusive dealer of European and world manufacturers of the high quality machines and equipment applicable in wide variety of foundation jobs such as: driving and extracting elements, noise and vibration free pressing, ground improvement works..
Our long experience and involvement allows us to identify customers problems and needs and offer the best solutions.
The maintenance and service as well as technical expertise we can provide anywhere.
We focus primarily on the introduction of new solutions, new technologies and machines that make the job easier, faster, economical and enviroment friendly in the field of geotechnical and water engineering, foundation and deep-foundation jobs.

We provide :
vibro hammers
excavator mounted vibro hammers
drilling rigs
piling rigs
multi - purpose drilling rigs
piling and drilling tools
hydraulic hammers
drains installation machines
high - pressure pumps
mixers and batching plants
truck mounted cranes

Our activities include:
sale of brand new machinery and equipment
sale of used equipment
rental of wide range of equipment
maintenance and service
technical expertise

We are open to new opportunities and new challenges !

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Used ballast PVE 1600 kg

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